A sock is not an afterthought

A sock is not an afterthought

But how do you style visable socks with your outfit and get it right?


Anything goes, according to San Francisco–based fashion stylist Rachel Darey. Tube socks with stilettos? Sure. Sheer, floral socks with your runners? Absolutely. In fact, contradictions are encouraged: “You can wear gym socks with loafers or dainty, delicate socks with super-chunky, strappy fisherman’s sandals,” said Darey. “It should be a dichotomy.”


The cheekier, the better. Bring dramatic sparkles into broad daylight, or use a flash of color to liven up an otherwise subdued or neutral look. “A kelly-green sock peeking out from the hem of a suit gives the outfit personality and attitude,” noted Darey. Even standard black or white socks can be surprising and eye-catching when given center stage, like wearing ankle socks with heels or sheer knee-highs with flats. “Just remember,” said Darey, “a sock is not an afterthought here.”


There you have it! if you ask us here at Incredible Socks, just go for it and have fun. Let your personality shine and live incredible. 

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