Colorful socks will cheer your mood.

It’s well established that color has a huge effect on mood. Often color preference has a great deal to do with the saturation and brightness of a hue, more than the color itself.

A colorless or monochromatic room can lead to stress, according to Sally Augustin Ph.D. “Colors that are less saturated but bright, such as a bright sage green, are relaxing, and those that are more saturated and less bright, such as sapphire blues, are more energizing to look at.” 

In a recent article in Psychology Today, Sally goes on to relate that green tends to help people feel more creative, red offers a burst of strength, and blue makes people feel safe.

Since your feet go with you everywhere you go it makes sense that a kick ass pair of socks made in shades and styles that you love will help to improve your mood throughout the day. Every time you look down, you’ll see a stunning pair of socks that will make you smile and keep you smiling all day.

Now time like the present to brighten up your sock drawer with your favorite Incredible Socks designs.

Keep smiling.


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