Socks are an INCREDIBLE holiday gift!

Once upon a time, getting socks for Christmas felt like a lame gift—but not anymore. It's official - socks are a GREAT Christmas gift and here's some reasons why.


1. Socks are warm and cozy.

This time of year, when the winter cold creeps in, everyone needs a warm pair of socks to keep their toes warm. There’s nothing better than a cozy pair of socks on a chilly day. And cozy doesn't have to mean boring - stay warm and have fun doing it.


2. Socks are comfortable.

Every pair of Incredible Socks are woven with 200 needles, which is the highest gauge used for socks. They're strong and durable, but still soft and comfy. Simply put, they’re the most comfortable things you’ll ever put on your feet. 


3. Socks are practical.

Everybody wears socks. Everybody needs socks. Thus, everybody should get fun socks for Christmas. Socks they may not consider buying for themselves but the perfect pair of gift socks.


4. Socks are fun to collect.

We don’t know about you, but when we get dressed in the morning, selecting our socks is a big deal. Is today a banana day, a superhero day, a road trip kinda day. There is an Incredible Sock for every mood and every occasion.


5. Socks fit perfectly in a stocking.

We’re not saying that you should only buy gifts that fit in a stocking, but we can’t ignore that Incredible Socks are the perfect stocking stuffer. They’re easy to wrap and you can fit a pair—or two or three!—easily inside.


6. There’s no such thing as having too many pairs of socks.

You can never have too many pairs of socks. Ever. C'mon... just start another sock drawer!

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