Happy 1st Birthday Incredible Socks

Happy 1st Birthday Incredible Socks

One year. What a great milestone! Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have helped make the last 12 months a pure joy and an incredible success. 

The launching and existence of Incredible Socks was always on the foundation of giving back and helping our charity partners make an impact. Our goal was to operate causing as little harm as possible to the planet. In a tough year for everyone, we are so proud to have stuck to this commitment and, over the last year offset 12 tons of carbon from our environment, donated over 1000 pairs of socks to homeless communities and supported our partners - The Bombay Teen Challenge, Water For People and, My Friends Place - to the very best of our ability. We could not have done any of this without you! People like you willing to give our business and products a try. THANK YOU.

We are so excited for the next 12 months - more socks, more styles, more support for our partners, more love for the planet. It's going to be Incredible! 


Chief Sock Maker

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