Our Philanthropic Partner: The Bombay Teen Challenge

The founding of Incredible Socks was hugely driven by the mission to find innovative ways to give back - helping humanity and the planet wherever and whenever possible.

I first began working with The Bombay Teen Challenge (BTC) in 2008 when the CEO of a company I was working for at the time introduced me to the founder and their mission. I was immediately hooked and visited the charity, supporting their various life saving initiatives whenever I could. This charity operates with such love and integrity. Their mission is vital. The goal of BTC is to break the vicious circle of sex slavery and child trafficking in India. Every day their outreach team is on the streets rescuing, rehousing, rehabilitating, and restoring lives of the thousands of kidnapped, trafficked, and sold children.

I am so proud to be in a position to be able to continue to support BTC through Incredible Socks. The sale of every pair of socks helps BTC with their mission and goals. Thank you to you - my most valued partner - through your purchase you are helping BTC saves the lives of so many children.

With gratitude,


For more info check out - https://setbeautifulfree.org/

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